• Personalevaluierung
  • Personnel Selection
  • Выбор персонала

"People and things demand different perspectives. There are some which need to be seen up close in order to be correctly judged, and others which can never be better judged, as when they are seen from afar."

– La Rochefoucauld

Personnel Selection

The selection and evaluation of personal belongs, without a doubt, to the most difficult disciplines of human resources consulting. Avoid wrong distribution of positions and following after that some economic and social consequences at your enterprise. Entrust an assessment of potential experts and leading forces to FREUND HRC with a wide experience on carrying out numerous processes of selection and use of professional methods of personnel adaptation.

P-CAST 3000: personnel selection via computer diagnostics ensures significance and reliability of forecasts.

PEAS (Performance Expectations for Academic Staff): staff development workshops and the personnel analysis within private and group programs for help to young specialists.

Assessment Center (AC) belongs to the most successful ways of personnel selection, if it is created and focused purposefully on needs of the client.